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The app asks for intangible assets if available. If this data is supplied, score will be calculated based on tangible assets, otherwise, total asset will be used for calculations.

1. Net Working Capital (NWC) is derived from Current Assets and Current Liabilities.
2. Market Value of Equity is calculated from shares outstanding and share price

Yes, Retained Earning, EBIT and Net Working Capital (Current Assets – Current Liabilities) can assume negative values.

1. Z – US Public Manufacturing
2. Z’ – US, Private, Manufacturing
3. Z” - Non-Manufacturing and Foreign Firms

Manufacturing Food & kindred products Tobacco Products
Textile mill Products
Apparel & other finished products
Lumber & wood products urniture & Fixtures
Paper & allied Products
Printing, publishing
Chemicals & allied Products  
Petroleum Rubber & plastic
Metal Primary Metal
Fabricated Metal
Industrial & commercial equipment  
Electronic Transportation equipment Measuring, analyzing, & controlling instruments
Non-Manufacture Misc. Manufacturing  
Wholesale Trade Wholesale trade--durable goods
Wholesale trade--nondurable goods
Retail Trade Bldg. materials, hardware, garden supply, & mobile home dealers
General merchandise stores
Food stores
Automotive dealers & gasoline service stations
Apparel & accessory stores
Eating & drinking places
Misc. retail

Calculator button has been added for your convenience to perform on the spot calculations if you like. This helps to avoid running around for another calculator or spreadsheet. Values from field are transferred to the calculator and calculated values are transferred to the field.

Benchmarks will be refreshed on an annual basis.

Data requested in the application is derived from one full year financial reports. Sales figures are annual figures. Current Assets, Liabilities, Book of Equities, Book Value of Liabilities, Total Assets, and Intangible Assets are from Balance Sheet. Sales and EBIT are from Income Statement.
Year End statements are good source of data. If year-end statements are not available, past twelve months financial data is required. Sales, EBIT are for 12-month period. Rest are current snapshot obtained from Balance Sheet.

Enter NWC in C/A field and 0 in C/L field. So, the net effect would become C/A-C/L, where C/L=0.

Enter 1 in Shares Outstanding and Market Value of Equity in Share Price. Net effect would be the same as Market Value of Equity.

Past 3 years data can be entered to analyze trends.

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Product license is valid for only one device for one year. After a year, license will expire. A new version of the application purchase would be required.

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